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Do you LOVE weddings? Do you LOVE watching Wedding Videos? Do you LOVE helping others? If you've answered yes to the questions above, you definitely sound like me... 10 years ago! Before I realized I'd like to become a Wedding Planner, I spent years watching wedding videos and browsing through wedding + event photos.

I also spent lots of time online learning about weddings & entrepreneurship while I was volunteering at various different event planning organizations. I started to become the Go-To person to plan all my family/friends events. Anytime there was an opportunity to learn about wedding/event planning, I was there. I learned a lot through volunteering, researching online & personal experiences to get to where I am today! However, there were still a lot of unanswered questions. At times I didn't have the help I needed. Now that I have those answers, I'd like to help anyone else who would like to join the Wedding Industry. It's finally time to help you! It's time for you to LEARN!


Tajrean Kashem


L’AMOUR is hosting exclusive seminars & webinars for those who LOVE weddings and want to LEARN about the industry. In partnership with top vendors in the industry, we will offer affordable, informative & valuable seminars

& webinars.

  what we offer  

Seminars & Webinars

Learn about starting a business in the wedding industry. The first half of the seminar focuses on Entrepreneurship while the second half will focus on a particular role in the wedding industry including wedding planning, bridal make-up, and wedding photography. These sessions have been built to cater to passionate individuals who want to make their passion their paycheque and need helpful tips, tricks,  and advice on how to do so.  Each session is 4 to 6 hours depending on the topics. Each class will have a small group of students to ensure each person gets enough time and attention to answer any questions or provide clarification. Webinars are now available worldwide. 


60-minute Consultations

Not sure where to start? Need help developing a business plan or marketing strategy? Want to ask questions about pricing? Well, these sessions are perfect for you. Book a consultation for a brainstorming, coaching  + Q&A session. 

  our Seminar calendar  

March 10, 12pm to 6pm | Seminar
Love & Learn: Entrepreneurship & South Asian Wedding Planning

Toronto, Ontario

April 28 | Seminar with  Guest Speaker: Amore by Adriana
Love & Learn: Business & Beauty

Montreal, Quebec

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